Cookin' with the Frog (Recipes)

Cookin' with the Frog enhances the presentation and flavor of chicken, beef, pork, fish and meatless dishes. Owner Craig's mom even adds it to her sugar cookies! Here we've collected a few of our favorite appetizer, soup, salad and main dish recipes for your dining pleasure.

The ingredients in a jar of Frog Ranch are prepped and guaranteed fresh for you. Please note: Frog Ranch is a Certified Leg Free Zone! No amphibian parts are used in the preparation of any of our all-natural products.


This Week's Featured Recipe

Check back every week for a fabulous new Frog Ranch recipe, brought to you from our own kitchen, and our culinary-inclined customers.

We believe the possibilities are endless. Please share the goodness and submit your own favorite Frog Ranch recipe, for a chance to win a Frog Ranch t-shirt!

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